Evil Genius LaVar Ball Has Done It Again Sending His LaMelo Ball Out of America For The 2nd Time

LaVar Ball just announced that LaMelo Ball, maybe the best of the Ball brothers (definitely better than LiAngelo), to either Australia or China to play basketball next year before going to the NBA.

First off, I love this move by LaVar. He said the heck with the NCAA, even if my developmental league won’t work, if my shoes don’t work, if my friend steals all my kids money, THE HELL WITH ALL OF IT!

Sending LaMelo, one of the most hyped up high school prospects, overseas to pump that 1 year out of high school rather than have him play in college is absolute genius. What better way to rebound from Lonzo ditching BBB for probably Nike than to take away LaMelo and stash him on some 2nd rate team, have him probably win MVP, become a top 3 pick and then bring the BBB back to the mountain top it belongs on top of.

Bravo, LaVar, bravo, you evil goddamned genius.


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