Channing Frye: “I’m Rich and I’m A Champion”

Everyone’s favorite journeyman who they forget about on a regular basis, Channing Frye is calling it a career and boy is he going out swinging with some absolutely electric quips.

Frye, who spent a good majority of his 14 year playing career with the Phoenix Suns, had this to say after playing Phoenix for the last night had this to say:

“Listen, I’m rich and I’m a champion. I’m 35 and I’m retiring and I’m living a great life, so if you think I suck, I’ll see you at LA Fitness next year motherfucker.”

I have to be honest, I didn’t care about Channing Frye, really at all ever, but after that quote, I really wish I had.

So from here on until we all forget about this blog, I declare April 2nd “Channing Frye Awesome Quotes Day”, because frankly he deserves it. He is a champion after all.


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