Is Giannis Really Better than Shaq?

On an episode of The Big Podcast with Shaquille O’neal said that Giannis is better than he was at the age of 24. Shaq is one of the most dominant and one of the best players to ever play in the NBA. This is very high praise for one of the MVP front runners.

Shaq played in an era of dominant centers, and they dominated in the paint primarily. Shaq did not have elite level ball handling skills, or a great shooting touch, but he used his massive frame to overpower everyone else on the court. Giannis is a little smaller than Shaq, height and weight, but what Giannis does have, is great ball handling skills, and a work in progress 3 point shot.

So Shaq saying this is not ridiculous, Giannis does more on the floor than Shaq did, simply because Shaq spent most of his time in the paint. Giannis can definitely develop into a phenomenal player with his size, speed, and strength, and when he reaches the end of his prime and he is not moving like a 24 year old anymore, he can turn himself into a center just like Shaq, overpowering and going through anyone in his way.

Giannis might not become as popular as Shaq but in terms of basketball skills he has a chance to pass the Big Diesel.


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