Kemba Walker Needs a New Home

Kemba Walker is having one of, if not the best season of his career. He has only played in 11 total playoff games, he is already 28. Kemba has made him self a nice legacy in Charlotte, but they haven’t put any pieces around him to help them win.

The Hornets drafted Malik Monk and Miles Bridges in the past few years. They should both be starting caliber players at some point in their careers, but I can’t imagine Kemba wants to continue being average and wait for them to get good. He needs to go team up with another star. I’m tired of seeing Kemba put the Hornets on his back every night and put up phenomenal stat lines that can’t translate to wins.

2 nights ago (April 1), the Jazz defeated the Hornets 111-102, Kemba put up 47, 5 boards, and 3 assists. The rest of the Hornets starters… 6 points. Bismack Biyombo and Dwayne Bacon combined for those points. Kemba shouldn’t be starting on a team with Dwayne Bacon.

Kemba has so many free agent destinations this summer. A loaded free agent class so he can team up with another free agent or he can go join a franchise with a star. Obviously the Lakers are an option, Magic Johnson would probably throw a max contract his way. Does Kemba want to join LeBron?, I don’t know. He could benefit from going to Milwaukee and playing with Giannis. He could go join Kevin Durant, Kawhi or Boogie Cousins, wherever they decide to sign.

I’ll say it one last time, Kemba should 100% sign somewhere not named Charlotte, I really want to watch him succeed and play in the post season.


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