The Red Sox Need Some Dirty Water

The reigning World Series Champs need to come back to Boston. This whole West coast trip to start the season was indeed a bad idea. Why would the MLB start anyone on an 11 game trip on the opposite side of the country to start the season. That made no sense at the time and now.

The Sox sit at an UGLY 1-5 start to the season. They have played the Mariners and the Athletics, two teams the Red Sox should not be losing to. The biggest issue has been the starting pitching, they have given up the second most runs so far, only behind the Arizona Diamondbacks. They have given up 1o more home runs than they have hit. A rotation including Chris Sale, David Price, and Rick Porcello should be performing much better. I hope this is just a bad start to the season, and they pick it up when they return to Boston.

They’ll have their ring ceremony, they might have the Patriots come to and celebrate their championship. That would be a tough game to lose. If the Red Sox are going to have a season even remotely close to the Celtics, I don’t know if i’ll survive all 162 games. This baseball team is ridiculously good, and I fully expect them to be back at contention level very soon.


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