What does Russell Wilson’s future look like?

April 15th, that’s the day the Seahawks will either give Wilson an extension, trade him, or maybe he will give baseball a try? As of yesterday, quarterback Russell Wilson gave the Seattle Seahawks a deadline of April 15th to give him an extension on his contract. Wilson does still have one year remaining on his contract, but would like to get a commitment from the Seahawks for the future. With the price for a franchise quarterback growing these days, the Seahawks don’t want to pay Wilson as much as he wants because they don’t want to have their hands tied when they try to sign other players.

You could argue that Wilson was just a game manager when he came into the league with the Legion of Boom as his defense, and Marshawn Lynch in the backfield. Now there is an argument that he is a top 5 quarterback in the NFL. In November of last year, Wilson had 58 touchdowns over the last 2 years, which was the most in the last 2 years, and he has 89% of the team’s touchdowns which is also the highest in the NFL. The workload that is put on Wilson is extremely large. He had his third fewest pass attempts since entering the league, but had his highest completion percentage. He also had his most touchdowns in a season, while throwing only 7 interceptions, which ties his career low. Wilson also had his third highest yards per attempt this year, while having his highest quarterback rating year of his career. Wilson has also never missed a game in his NFL career playing every game and starting in every game since he got into the league. Wilson has made 5 career pro bowls in his 7 years in the NFL.

 The lack of help around Russell Wilson has been extremely bad at times, especially his offensive line. Wilson was sacked 51 times last year, which is the most he’s been sacked in his career. Wilson has completed nearly double the number of passes to undrafted WR/TE (677) than to 1st and 2nd round WR/TE (371). That just shows how much Wilson does, with such little talent around him. Also, since he wasn’t a high round draft pick, the Seahawks got Wilson on a discount for his first 3 years in the league making less than 1 million dollars a year.

Now, for Wilson’s future, his wife Ciara, has her own career in music and modeling. There have been reports that the couple would prefer to be in NYC, which is interesting because the Giants need a new quarterback. The asking price should be 2 first round picks and a 2nd or 3rd in my opinion. The Arizona Cardinals have already gotten an offer of a 2nd round pick for JOSH ROSEN. If they can get that for arguably the worst statistical quarterback in football, I believe the Seahawks can get plenty more from a Super Bowl winning quarterback. However, I do believe Rosen can be a solid starting quarterback, that wasn’t a shot being thrown at him at all. The reasoning I believe the Seahawks will trade him is because they know you can win in this league with a quarterback on a rookie salary if he is good enough because you can pay every other player so much more to surround him with talent. The Seahawks know this is true, because this was their exact approach when Wilson was on his rookie deal. If I was any team needing a quarterback, I would simply call the Seattle Seahawks and ask them how much they wanted, then make the deal happen.

The last possibility is that Wilson could go to New York to give baseball a try, if the Seahawks don’t trade him, or give him the money that he wants. I agree, this last possibility is extremely farfetched, and will most likely never happen. Just a fun thing to think that could happen. Overall, I believe the Seahawks will trade Wilson, but I do think there is a high possibility they trade him to a team with a high draft pick and that needs a quarterback.


4 thoughts on “What does Russell Wilson’s future look like?

    1. If they get rid of him it would most likely be in a trade for 2 first round picks and maybe something else. So the replacement would be with using one of those first round picks they’d get in a trade for Wilson.

  1. If you have followed RW and Pete Carrol and the seahawks at all you would know that they have predicated the whole team around him and would have to get a CRAZY deal in order to trade him. I will bet you a hundred dollars right now that he will NOT be traded and will sign an extension this year.

    1. I agree that they have built around him, but if they’re going to pay him the money he’s asking for they need to use him better. He had far too many pass attempts last year for how talented he is. I agree they should resign him trust me. I’m just saying if they trade him for picks it would fit the system they had when Wilson was a rookie of building a strong defense around a young QB.

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