Steph Curry Has Been Shooting Blind. The League Should Be Terrified He Can Can Now See

Arguably the greatest shooter in the history of the NBA has been, playing with blurred vision? This past week or so Steph Curry has been on a rampage from the 3-point line shooting 51% from beyond the arc. In this stretch of play, he has made at least 5 threes in 9 games straight going 56 of 109. The reasoning behind this streak is that Curry decided to start wearing contacts.

Curry has a disease in his cornea called Keratoconus, this is a disease where the cornea thins over time causing light to be deflected from the eye which causes blurred vision. Before putting in contacts, Curry was in an actual slump shooting 37.8% from 3 in the month of February, this isn’t considered a slump to most, but was a real slump for Curry. When asked what changed during his hot streak, Curry responded, “I started wearing contacts,” Curry said. “It’s like the whole world has opened up.”. This seems insane to think that possibly the greatest shooter of all time has been playing with blurred vison. NBA teams should be scared out of their minds with the playoffs coming and Steph Curry no longer having blurred vision.

The only advice or thing I could say to the Warriors opponents from here on out is, good luck. The fact that this team could already be the greatest team ever assembled, and now their most important player can see clearly. This could be the first time the Warriors sweep their way through the entire playoffs which would be a testament to how amazing they are on their way to a possible 3 peat.


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