Kevin Durant Headed for Concrete Pastures

Sources say that Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant is leaving for sure. The Recline.

Now that the season is almost over, every reporter has their eyes on top free agent Kevin Durant. The top statement that has been made in the las few days was from Ric Bucher on The Herd. Bucher covers the Golden State Warriors and you will not believe what he said.

He was asked if KD was leaving for sure, Bucher said: “From everything I’ve heard, it’s done. Yes, he’s leaving.” It’s no doubt that the Warriors have dominated the NBA for the past two years, and the Western Conference has been impossible to win with that team. So why would Durant leave a two time championship team like this? We have two possible explanations, money and redemption.

The Warriors have three starters whom will be free agents this summer, Klay Thompson, KD, and DeMarcus Cousins. I suppose you know now why KD is leaving, Warriors don’t have the luxury to pay these three players. Boogie is not taking a low contract for another year, Klay wants a max contract, and KD wants a max contract. So there you have the money problem.

What was the second reason I mentioned? Oh, that’s right, redemption. KD is in that point of his career where he want to prove himself in the NBA. He’s in the point where LeBron wanted to go to his hometown to win them a championship. If KD stays, the Warriors are still Steph Curry’s team. He won’t be recognized there with all the help he has in the Bay Area.

Let’s say KD does sign with the Knicks for a max contract, he obviously isn’t going by himself. Chris Broussard said also on The Herd: “If I were KD, I wouldn’t go there alone because KD hasn’t been dealing with the media very well this season. Another player that might come with him is Kyrie Irving, which hasn’t dealt with the media this season very well either. But if both of them go, they can handle the media together and will not receive hate from the them. At least not the first two years, because Knicks fans will be okay if they just take us to the playoffs.”

I think this is absolutely true, us Knicks fans are dying to be a playoff team for quite some time now. If KD and another superstar take us to the playoffs we will be fine, later on we will be wanting that ring from them, so the pressure will build up. If this happens this summer, the NBA fans should be happy because THE COMPETITIVE NBA AND KNICKS BASKETBALL ARE BACK! No more Warriors dynasty, the playoffs are not the same without New York and we want them back.

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