Hawks won the Luka trade?

After the first few months of this NBA season it looked clear that the Dallas Mavericks won the trade that ended up giving the Mavs Luka Doncic and the Hawks landed Trae Young. The Hawks started extremely slow, this included some injuries and Trae Young’s adjustment to the big league. Luka started this year very strong which will likely be the reasoning for him winning the Rookie of the Year award. However, Trae Young is making this award become much tighter of a race than most thought. To start the year, Trae Young averaging 16.3ppg while Luke averaged 19.5ppg. To me, this stat differential is based off of the talent the two were used to playing against. Luka played pro basketball overseas while Trae was playing against college players in the NCAA. Since the All Star break you have a strong argument towards Trae playing better than Luka. Since the New Year, Trae has averaged 22.3ppg and Luka has averaged 23.9ppg. Trae however has averaged 8.7ast per game while Luka has 6.7ast per game. I think Trae was adjusting to the speed and how the league works, while Luka was doing what he has been for the past few years playing overseas against other pros. I do believe Luka will win the ROY based off of a start to finish award, but it is much closer than most people would like to think.

Now, onto who won the trade from this past draft. The trade was that the Hawks would move back to the 5th pick which let the Mavs move up to the 3rd overall pick. The Mavs gave up their 5th overall pick and this years first round pick. The Mavs would get to keep their first round pick this year if they had a bottom 5 record in the NBA, which right now the Dallas Mavericks sit at the 7th pick in this year’s draft based off of the NBA standings right now. This would mean the Hawks would get the 5th overall pick since that is where they sit in the current standings, although with some luck in the lottery they could get a better pick than that. Also, the Hawks would get the 7th overall pick from the Mavericks in the 2019 draft because of the trade last year. This means thee Hawks have two opportunities to snag two other high-end picks to help build their already young and talented team.

The reasoning I believe the Hawks will win this trade in the end is because Trae and Luka aren’t as far apart in skill as people thought in the beginning of this NBA season. Trae has proved he can lead this team to wins and be everything they were hoping he could be in the league. Luka is an incredible talent and I don’t think the Mavs will regret this trade at all, especially after adding Kristaps Porzingis in a trade this season. All I am saying is the Hawks will win this trade even if they add just one solid starter from this upcoming draft. There is also a possibility that both teams have won this trade which would be an extreme rarity in todays sports world. No matter what happens in the ROY voting, as long as the Hawks draft well this year, I believe they will be seen as the victors of this trade.


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