Paul “The Truth” Pierce vs Dwayne “Flash” Wade – Who’s Career Was Actually Better?

Paul Pierce says he had a better career than Dwayne Wade. The Recline.

Two days ago, on ESPN, Paul Pierce was asked who had a better career between him and Dwayne Wade. Pierce answered his career was better. Is he telling the truth, or is he out of his mind? Paul’s argument was that he didn’t have generational superstars like Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James on his teams. He specifically said: “If I had these players in my prime we would’ve won 5-6 titles.” But let’s analyze both players right now.

Dwayne Wade was drafted with players like LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Bosh. In this draft he wasn’t very recognized, all eyes were on high school star LeBron and on college star Carmelo. Just in two seasons of Wade being in the NBA, the Miami Heat added all star center Shaq. That 2005-2006 season Shaq averaged a double double, but in the playoffs his numbers went down. While Wade mantained his season numbers almost equal to his playoffs numbers. Shaq has constantly said that he was not the leader in this championship team, it was Dwayne. Adding to that season, those were the years that O’Neal was dealing with back problems so you could say that Wade didn’t have prime Shaq like Kobe. But they did face a weak Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals that in no way they could have stopped a duo like Wade and Shaq four times.

Then the Miami Heat formed the famous Big Three between LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. These years were tricky to say if Wade was an elite player or not because all eyes were on LeBron. But those four seasons of Wade and LeBron were not like Shaq and Wade. Dwayne wasn’t dealing with injuries for him to be carried by LeBron. Out of four seasons, they won two championships against teams like San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder, which were harder than the 05′-06′ Mavericks. The Flash is ending his career as a 13x All Star, 5x Finals appearances, 3x champion, 1x Finals MVP, and 8x All NBA Teams.

On the other hand we have Paul Pierce, he was drafted on 1998 with players like Vince Carter and Dirk Nowitzki. Pierce in his first seasons was averaging strong numbers especially in the scoring part. Later, in the 2007-2008, the Boston Celtics added Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. This Boston team was considered a Big Four with prime Rondo, best shooter in the game Ray Allen, 11x All Star Garnett, and star leader Paul Pierce. That same year they won their first title with Boston against a tough Los Angeles Lakers with best player in the game (at that time) Kobe Bryant.

Later, Pierce had another finals appearance but couldn’t succeed. He went to the playoffs with the Brooklyn Nets, Los Angeles Clippers, and the Washington Wizards. Other than that, Paul Pierce retired being a 10x All Star, 2x Finals appearances, 1x champion, 1x Finals MVP, and 4x All NBA Teams

The Truth has a good background to defend his side on this debate. I think if we talk about who had a better impact to their team Pierce would win the debate. Paul Pierce had great players around him, but the leader would always be him, and that title wouldn’t have happen if it wasnt’t for him. But that wasn’t the question, the question was of a better CAREER. You can look out the awards from each one, Dwayne Wade career wise, had a better one than Paul Pierce, even with all the help Wade had. If Wade had never combined his talents with Shaq and Bron, he would’ve had a better impact in Miami than Pierce in Boston. That’s why Wade may lose this debate because of the impact on their team, but still, Dwayne “The Flash” Wade had a much better CAREER than Paul Pierce. Tell us who had a better career with #TheFlash or #TheTruth.


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