Dak Prescott Shouldn’t Be Selfish And Sign A Team Friendly Contract

Over the course of Dak Prescott’s short career he has been very inconsistent at times. I don’t believe he is worth $22-$25 million a year. He has shown he can manage this Cowboy’s team by making key throws off play action or extending plays with his legs. However, Dak isn’t going to drop back and throw the ball 30 times a game. His completion percentage and QBR have been at the top of the league the past 3 years, but his fumbles have become a problem at times. Dak is a very easy going and professional player, and is a leader of this Dallas Cowboys team. On the flip side without Zeke the Cowboys struggle, and until they acquired Amari Cooper Dak’s numbers were at the bottom of the NFL this past season.

The reasoning I believe Dak must take a discount is not only for the team’s well-being, but also for his own personal gain in his career. If Dak were to make America’s team pay him what a franchise quarterback is getting nowadays, it could hurt his image. Picture this, Dak without a strong offensive line, and only having one weapon whether that be Zeke or Amari, because of a $25 million-dollar deal that would really tie the Cowboys hands. Dak needs help around him and the only way to guarantee help is helping the team maintain key players by taking a pay cut. If Dak takes a big deal and then doesn’t perform well enough or the Cowboys don’t make a run deep in the playoffs then that would be help over his head. In every sport when a player takes a pay cut it usually works in his or her favor in the end.

Also, Dak needs to sign this offseason to make sure he does get a solid contract because of how inconsistent he is. If he were to go out there this year and underperform or just be average and the Cowboys miss the playoffs or make it and get bounced in the first two rounds Dak could lose a good amount of money. I would just suggest Dak signs a deal worth $15-$18 million a year to give the team the ability of signing other key players on both sides of the ball.

One other thing is that being the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys gives you a wide variety of other ways to make money. Dak can make up the money lost in the contract with sponsors and other sources of income that are available to him because he is the quarterback of America’s team. The Cowboys need to keep up in their own division with the Eagles who are adding key players and getting back a healthy Carson Wentz. The only way to do this is by not paying an average quarterback more than he deserves. I also believe Dak is a smart guy and knows who he is and how well he can really play, but I believe he will take a pay cut.


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