Stephen A Smith Is Telling The World My Worst Nightmare Is Coming True: Kyrie Will Meet With The Lakers

There it is folks. Kyrie Irving is set to meet with the Lakers of Los Angeles. The most confusing and bipolar player in the NBA is going to try to rekindle his relationship with his former boss LeBron James.

Unless Kyrie is going there just to give the Lakers and LeBron the double bird, this has to be the absolutely weakest move ever of free agency, and yes that includes Kevin Durant going to the Golden State Warriors.

Kyrie got his way and got out of Cleveland and out of LeBrons shadow to Boston, where Danny Ainge had developed the Garden of Eden of potential, only to come into the 2018-19 season and lead them to mediocrity and blab about how he knows how to be a leader, how being a leader is hard, how these guys can’t be led, how this team is amazing, how he’s staying in Boston, how, he doesn’t know what he’s going to, yadda yadda ya.

Here’s the deal. If Kyrie can’t lead this Celtics team to the Finals, then good riddance. I don’t care if he joins the Lakers, Warriors, Nets, Knicks, whoever. This Celtics team should’ve been a 60 win team, period. I know Hayward was hurt and never really fit in, I know Tatum and Brown were playing like they should be the 2 main guys, I know the chemistry was never there from last season. But guess what? You signed up for that Kyrie. You signed up for all the smoke. If you leave now, especially to get back with your alcoholic ex, no one will ever see you as a leader. You were viewed as the guy who got LeBron and Cleveland their championship by making Steph Curry your son. You were the guy who left. You were the winner. You go to LA, you’re softer than a Pillsbury Doughboy croissant and you never deserve to get the recognition as the best* point guard in basketball again.

But if he does lead the Celtics to Finals and resigns this summer, build that man a statue.


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