The Lakers Took Out The Trash But Their Cans Are Still Dirty

Magic Johnson and Luke Walton part ways with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Recline.

The Los Angeles Lakers are in deep waters and they need to fix it as soon as possible. Why? Two words, FREE AGENCY. This summer’s free agency is far away still with the playoffs starting this weekend. But by your general manager and head coach parting ways with a team, just sends bad signals to these free agents.

These type of things happen every time in a team that is trying to run a playoff team like the Lakers were hoped as. Let’s be clear, the Lakers were not a good team to coach. It was a team full of veterans that couldn’t click with each other. The team was looking good in the beginning with LeBron, but he got injured and things went the other way around.

This offseason they have the chance for a new beginning, but they have to act fast. If sources are true, the next head coach can be Tyronn Lue, Monty Williams, and Juwan Howard. Although I have been hearing fans prefering Mark Jackson as their head coach. If sources are true, I would go with Monty Williams. He serves the Lakers good on increasing their defensive and offensive rating. Also, Monty has experience with Anthony Davis, that one player the Lakers almost gave their entire team in a trade. If the Lakers sign Monty, they should pursue that trade this summer before the NBA Draft. I say before because teams with the top picks can be looking to trade those picks for star players like Davis.

If this trade does happen, we would have to consider the assets the Lakers are giving, players like Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, or Brandon Ingram. Yeah, not star players but important in the Lakers roster. The good thing about this is that if the Davis trade does happen they would have a little more than $10M on cap space just like last years free agency when they signed LeBron. The only difference is that now your not building a team for just LeBron, but for Bron and Anthony Davis. Another longshot they can attempt is convincing Klay Thomspon or DeMarcus Cousins to sign for little money to add perimeter shooting in this team or another big man on the roster, but as I said, longshot.

One thing’s for sure, no free agent would want to go to the Lakers in the situation the team is in right now. So Rob Pelinka has to start his magic right away, even by having LeBron on your team, he has to start building this new team. The path of Monty and AD is the right one, other free agents have no sign of being part of the Lakers this season. So again, the Lakers have to act fast in order to be successful next season in the Western Conference.


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