No, For Real, The Celtics Are Gonna Turn It All Around This Time | Celtics Playoff Preview

It’s finally over. We can all rejoice the fact that the dumpster fire that was the 2018-19 regular season for the Boston Celtics has concluded and the consistent underperformance of the team with astronomical expectations has been put to the side stove. Now, its time for the C’s to turn it on and wipe the East and go to the Finals.

I’ve only ever been this excited for a Celtics season once before in my 21 years of being a Celtics fan, the summer we got Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. The Red Sox were on there way to win the World Series, the Patriots were in full swing, but for some reason, this year, THIS TEAM was what really got my blood going. I had put all my emotional eggs into the Boston Celtics and they did nothing but make me a miserable human being to be around. That’s all over. It’s playoff time. It’s time to flip the switch. This is going to be the best summer ever.

Up first, we drew the Indiana Pacers and we thankfully got out of that dreaded 5 seed. Let’s face it, unless you’re a team like the Pacers who lost their best player, or the Nets/Magic who overachieved this season, you do not want to be the 5. You might as well be the 8 at that point. The 5 seed is like being the kid in high school who the 4th best player on the basketball team will high five in the hallway but you’ll never be invited to the parties. You’re in a limbo of being mediocre but not quite mediocre enough to where the lame kids accept you. It’s purgatory. The Pacers may be one of the scrappiest teams in the NBA, especially the way they came together after Oladipo went down, and that’s why they’re the perfect team for the Celtics to launch their title chase. The Celtics are going to win this in 6 really, really good games and are going to get the perfect amount of battle tested to have what it takes to beat the Bucks.

Losing Marcus Smart is probably the worst player that could’ve gone down for the C’s besides Kyrie Irving for the first two rounds, but it’s not going to be a bad thing. Smart isn’t going to let that happen. He and Horford are the real leaders of this team, regardless of what Kyrie says. Smart is the vocal leader, Horford leads by example and keeps it cool. If you think Marcus Smart won’t be on the sideline pumping these guys full of Mar-Mar juice, you’re a crazy person. He’s the player that going down will force this team to come together. Now that he’s on the sideline, he’ll be able to fully commit to checking Tatum and Brown’s ego’s at the door, scare Gordon Hayward into getting back to form, and take the pressure off Kyrie trying too hard. This team will reach it’s almost full potential by the time they meet Milwaukee in the Second Round and they’ll be able to take them to a very competitive series, while ultimately winning it as Gordon Hayward will have his coming out party. Then, they get to meet the Toronto Raptors.

Smart will be back (fingers crossed all his awesome assistant coaching doesn’t further his injury) and the Celtics will be firing like a well oiled Ferrari. The Raptors will be beaten down by a very tough first round series against Brooklyn and barely scraping by the Sixers, while the Celtics get their best energy player back on a months rest. Kawhi Leonard will be spectacular, but no one else will have answers for the Celtics, because like I said earlier, they figured it out. Celtics will win this one in 6 as well only to go on to meet…Golden State.

Stephen Curry knows this is the last season that this band is together. Durant and Green are both as good as gone, Klay is in limbo with LeBron in his ear, and Boogie, sorry, Demarcus, is going after a big contract. I’d expect that Steph has his best playoffs yet trying to go out on top and then just collect the rest of that monster contract he has. The Rockets best chance to get past Golden State was last year. CP3 gets hurt and then they crumble because James Harden isn’t really a winner. This year? Golden State is going to wax Houston and meet Boston in the Finals, and handle them in a 7 game series. The good thing is, the Celtics will impress KD just enough to where the Celtics actually don’t really lose, because he signs in Boston to play with his friend Kyrie and the Celtics win 3 of the next 5 years.

I’m as confident now as confident as I was at the beginning of the season when I thought the Celtics would win 60+ games, so we’ll see what actually happens. But if you think for one second that I am riding this wave all the way to the end you’re goddamn right. C’s Time, baby.


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