Playoffs Key Matchups To Watch Today

The first round of the playoffs starts today. The Recline.

The 2019 NBA Playoffs start today with four games. From those four games, you should watch two of them as the most important ones. The first key matchup is the Brooklyn Nets vs the Philadelphia 76ers. The second key matchup is the Denver Nuggets vs the San Antonio Spurs.

The Nets vs 76ers game should be good to watch because All Star center Joel Embiid might not be able to play for the 76ers. If Embiid was healthy I think this would be an easy matchup for them against a Brooklyn Nets that only have D’Angelo Russell as a threat. What should both teams do?


  • Guard Perimeter Shooting (D’Angelo Russell and Joe Harris)
  • Let Brooklyn use Jarrett Allen (No Playoff Experience)
  • Fast Pace Offense
  • Tag Jimmy “Buckets” in that offense


  • Don’t Guard Simmons in the Perimeter (See What Play they are Running and Communicate)
  • D’lo All Star
  • Guard Perimeter Shooting (JJ Reddick and Jimmy Butler)
  • Slow Offense (Don’t Let the Sixers Take Control of the Game)

The Nuggets vs Spurs to me is the best game of today. Some say that because of Denver’s home game record, they should win the series. Others say that Denver has no experience and the Spurs have coach Pop with A LOT of experience, and this will take by surprise the Nuggets. What should both teams do?


  • Full Court Pressure (DeRozan Can’t Have the Ball, Force the Spurs to Play Fast)
  • Play Their Game (TEAM OFFENSE, Every Starter Has to be Involved)
  • Good Bench Game (Be Ready for Starters to Struggle)


  • Spurs Basketball (Make Nuggets Move on Defense, Bad Offense for Nuggets)
  • Full Court Pressure (Nikola Jokic Frustrates Easily)
  • Aldridge Solution (Post-Up Aldridge to put Nugget’s Big Men in Foul Trouble)
  • Attack the Basket (Foul Trouble)

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