It Took 26 Years To Figure It Out But I Finally Discovered How Me And Steph Curry Are Linked

From the first moment I saw Steph Curry launch a 3 at Davidson I knew one thing was for sure: This guy and I had to be linked somehow. From that moment until this morning when I opened up twitter, I lazily tried to discover how we were and then the report came out that Steph was obsessed with the same thing I’m obsessed with: Popcorn. And by the way Marc Stein, you can take your judgemental ass somewhere else by saying it’s a “problem”. It’s not a problem. Popcorn is friggin delicious.

Steph Curry can rank all 29 arena’s popcorns from best to worst, a feat that I have now set as a goal of mine to accomplish. There’s no question popcorn is the best event food. Movie theater? Popcorn. Sports game? Popcorn. Musicals? Popcorn. Birthday parties? Popcorn. And what does every civilized bar in America offer as a free snack while you drink with your buddies because it’s something to keep you coming back? That’s right, fucking POPCORN.

Today, Sunday April 14th, 2019, I have set a goal for myself. To rank all the best popcorns in every arena, baseball park and football stadium in America. Here’s my list thus far:

1. Amway Center – Orlando
2. TD Garden – Boston
3. Amalie Arena – Tampa
4. Fenway Park – Boston
5. Yankee Stadium(Old) – New York
6. Smoothie King Center – New Orleans
7. Superdome – New Orleans
8. Wrigley Field – Chicago
9. Gilette Stadium – Foxboro
10. Raymond James Stadium – Tampa
11. Wells Fargo Arena – Philadelphia

We have a ways away to go, but we’ll get there. Hold me to keeping this list please and thanks!


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