The Celtics Take Pacers’ Soul & Game 1 With 84-74 Win

In what was looking like one of the worst first halfs in recent playoff history for the Celtics, they came out swinging in the 2nd half and absolutely dominated the Pacers on the backs of Kyrie, Horford, Mook, Tatum…the usual suspects.

It wasn’t pretty by any means and that first half was probably as good looking as my grandfather in a thong, but the boys in green got the job done. Kyrie Irving looked like Kyrie Irving. Shooting a pretty mediocre percentage but dazzled with highlights and when it mattered, he hit the shots he needed to most. Playoff Kyrie is here and hopefully he’s here to stay.

The most impressive takeaway from this game, however, was Jaylen Brown. Jaylen has had a tough time all year finding his identity on this team after having a fantastic season and playoff run last year, but today, filling in for Marcus Smart, Brown was able to show us that defense we saw from him since he came into the league. He was absolutely terrorizing Indiana all afternoon on that end of the floor and even getting pretty aggressive with Bogdonovic(new enemy #1) by shoving him and starting a scuffle towards the end of the fourth quarter getting this team ready for game 2.

I thought this series was going to be a tough one and I don’t want to overreact after just one game, but the Celtics look like they’re going to runaway with this thing pretty quickly if they take that 2nd half and parlay it into 12 more great quarters of basketball. Indiana just doesn’t have the offensive firepower to compete.

Always here for the ride, Let’s Go C’s.


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