Tiger Woods Winning The Masters Officially(for the 5th time) Means He Is Back & Golf Is Back(For Now)

That was electric. Tiger Woods has finally done it. He’s finally won another major and it happened to be THE BIGGEST major. Now, look, I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’m a golf fan or a golf aficionado, I’m not. So, golf hard-o’s, check yourself at the door. But if you think as a sports fan that I’m not absolutely stoked for The Masters every year or for Tiger Woods to win it? You’re an absolutely insane person.

The Masters are the Super Bowl, they’re an elimination game in a championship series, they’re the Indy 500, they’re a Mayweather fight, they’re the Champions League Finals. I would say that 70% of the viewing audience are casual fans for these events and we give those casual fans a pass because no matter what it makes those sports better. The Masters are no different and Tiger being in contention on Sunday morning is no different.

All week I had the intentions of watching the Masters today, but last night when I saw that Tiger Woods was in contention? There was NO CHANCE I was missing it. I lived in Orlando from 2006-2016. I lived 5 minutes away from Tigers neighborhood when his wife came out swinging harder than he was. I went to THAT Perkins for breakfast with my grandpa for breakfast on Sundays when he’d come to town. I needed this Tiger comeback as much as any die hard golf fan did. This is what we watch sports for.

The only thing that was upsetting about Patrick Reed not being in contention was that I had forgotten most of the Imagine Dragon’s lyrics and was really banking on Nick Faldo filling me in again. Also, let’s not pretend like if Nick Faldo didn’t have a british accent that he would be the most made fun of announcer in sports. “Most Tigers are endangered, and for a while I thought this one might be as well.” What is endangered and is a threat to becoming extinct, is Nick Faldo.


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