Daily Playoffs 3: Double Header

Third day of the playoffs starts the week with a double header. The Recline.

Our third day in this years NBA Playoffs begins with Game 2 featuring the Brooklyn Nets vs the Philadelphia 76ers. The most dramatic game 1 in this years playoffs was given in this series.

The 76ers apparently don’t know what it means to have home court advantage in a series. It was a struggle from the begining for Philly, they started off with Embiid attacking the paint, which is good, but then, as always, he started shooting three pointers. I don’t have a problem with big men shooting 3’s, but if you can’t hit the first ones you must explore other options on the floor, especially if you have a lineup like the 76ers have with so many weapons. JJ Reddick and Tobias Harris struggled all game, JJ even fouled out. And the bench just didn’t help, some say they were a distraction with the Amir Johnson’s phone incident but I will not argue with that because it’s possible that he was checking on his daughters health.

Meanwhile, the Nets struggled in the beginning as well, but their bench adjusted and controlled the game. A good performance by Spencer Dinwiddie, Jared Dudley, and Ed Davis saved game 1 for Brooklyn. Also from the starters, Joe Harris played his role very good which helped them too. D’lo played good but his impact was starting to feel in the 3rd quarter, as he was one of the starters that struggled with Jarrett Allen. If you watched the game, it felt like the Nets wanted this win more than the 76ers. Their bench was all hyped up while they were playing, and yeah, that’s the road team we are talking about. I think the road team’s bench was more hyped than the 76ers fans.

Philly struggled in a lot of parts that might have cost them game 1. For Philadelphia to even the series they must:

  • Hit FT shots (cough..Ben Simmons..cough..)
  • Get shooters going (JJ and Tobias)
  • Ben Simmons has to think attack first mentality (Opens Up Shooters)
  • Healthy Embiid.

For the Nets to take both road games they must:

  • Keep their Pick and Roll Offense (Philly Struggles with That)
  • Guards Must Keep Attacking (D’lo and Dinwiddie)
  • Same Hype as in Game 1
  • Contain Yourself to Blocking Shots (Jarrett Allen)

Our third day in this years NBA Playoffs ends with Game 2 featuring the Golden State Warriors vs the Los Angeles Clippers. I don’t recommend watching this game, we expect another Warriors win.

It was a complete dominance from the Warriors from start to end. Something I did find hilarious was Patrick Beverly talking trash to the Warriors. What gives Beverley the audacity to talk trash to the 2 time NBA Champs, he isn’t the player that is going to make them struggle to get the third one. Beverley was focused on the trash talk while every Warrior was ignoring him, except Durant but I think he was mocking Beverley instead of paying him attention. I honestly can’t figure out how on Earth, the Clippers can beat the Warriors, and let’s not get started with winning the series. The only way they can win is if some Warriors get injured in mid-series, other than that there’s no way. If I can recommend something to the Clippers, is to try new things like the 1-3-1 Defense (If you’re a coach, you should know that this defense is suppose to stop three pointer from opponents). But it’s the Warriors, they are going to find a way to hit those shots anyway. Good luck, Clippers on Game 2.


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