The Patriots are Giving Tom Brady a New Weapon

The Patriots announced on Tuesday that they have signed veteran free agent Demaryious Thomas. Thomas is coming off a torn achilles he suffered last season with the Texans. Thomas signed for 1 year and 1.2 million dollars with incentives and bonuses as well. Thomas was an elite receiver in Denver not too long ago. He seems to be taking the same plan that Demarcus Cousins executed last year. Coming off an achilles injury, he is looking to prove himself by taking a small contract and also giving himself a chance at a ring.

The Patriots have had very few elite receivers in the Tom Brady era. Randy Moss is by far the best receiver Brady has had, but who else comes after that. Edelman, Welker, Troy Brown, they are all really good receivers but none have dominated with the Patriots. I’m not saying Thomas will be like Randy Moss in any way, but he could be a huge help to Tom Brady who will be 42 next season.

Thomas is a big and athletic receiver, he can complement Edelman well. Edelman is not a great deep threat, Thomas can bring that to the table and still allow Edelman to play the slot. Thomas also helps to strengthen the Pats offense after they lost Gronkowski to retirement, and Chris Hogan to free agency.

There is very little risk here for either team, but there could be a massive reward in this deal. A player of Thomas’ caliber should be making more than 1.2 million, but coming off the injury, we don’t know his value. This signing isn’t automatically a good one, we haven’t yet seen the 31 year old receiver coming off an achilles tear.


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