2019-2020 Will be Sean Payton on an F U Tour

Hello Who Dats et al, and welcome to the Saints blog on The Recline! My name is JP, and I am a New Orleanian and a Who Dat 4 Life. But enough about me. Let’s get to the good stuff! Free agency is all but over, and the draft is right around the corner. What’s left of Ziggy Ansah’s shoulder will be signed on a one year “prove it” deal before the draft starts, and that should round out Saints free agency. Heading into the draft, New Orleans is looking pretty good all around, all the more reason they will continue the “best player available” mentality. Don’t be surprised when they don’t get anything sexy until some long shot 7th round prospect that will wow us during preseasons, and disappoint us during a couple of regular seasons before being cut. I’m usually really excited for the draft. Partially because it’s the last oasis in the football desert that is Summer, and partially because we can dream about how awesome most of these rookies will never be. But this year is different. We have no 1st round pick (unless you count Davenport, then yes, and I stand by the move). And most of our “needs” aren’t sexy either. I’m mostly concerned with the O line. Losing Max Unger suuuuuucks, and I have a vote of no confidence in the current 3 options. That said, I would love nothing more than Will Clapp to step up and own the job. Make me eat my words, Centers! I wouldn’t mind 4 picks that were all offensive and defensive lines, but that’s unlikely. Just don’t draft a QB, for god’s sake (and ours). So yesterday’s big news was the release of the 2019-2020 NFL schedule. My initial reaction was that of a nut punch, but after the sensation of dry heaving and anxiety had passed, I realized this is the exact schedule our New Orleans Saints needed. Sean Payton is a very petty person, you see, but we love him because he’s OUR petty person.
Yep, just talking about Netflix. Nothing to see here.
The Saints are already in “all in” mode 2.0, and now the first half of the season looks more like a hazing than a schedule. Look for Payton to kick it into 12th gear Week 1 against Houston, and not let up until he’s hoisting the Lombardi in January.
I’m gunning for you, Rams
We’ve seen this behavior time and again, and next season will be no exception. The man loves to gamble, and you too can bet that Sean Payton will be doubling down on his gambles. He’ll be running up scores where he can. He will exhaust his challenges weekly. And you thought our 4th down tries were excessive last year?? Pffffft. Wait until next season. His message will be clear: “Kneel before Zod.” Or something like that. You get the idea. Basically he’s going to go back to pretending that we don’t have a defense, even though we totally do, and they should see no regression next year. Bonus, Sean!
I understand that General Sherman had the same look when he burned Atlanta to the ground.
Now this formula will not work every week, but as long as “the football rolls our way” (Drew Brees’ luck philosphy), look to the Saints finishing with a 12-4 record and a wake of destruction left by Hurricane Sean. Including, but not limited to, the hopes and dreams of the Rams and all 8 of their fans, the firing of Ron Rivera AND Dan Quinn, the remains of Falcons fans’ hopes in general, and a Patriots-Saints Super Bowl that was SUPPOSED to be last season. Hey, I’ll probably be wrong, but that’s what this time of year is all about: dreaming of the demise of our enemies. Conan the Barbarian said it best, “What is the best in life?” “To crush your enemies. See them driven before you. And hear the lamentations of their women.” See you next week, Who Dat Nation!! **Like my blog? Hate my blog? Got questions? Hit me up with your questions and comments on Twitter @saintsrecline or email me at saintsrecline@gmail.com**

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