Gronk Leaves his Mark on the Patriots Championship

During the Patriots visit to Fenway park on Opening Day, Gronk left a dent in the newest Lombardi trophy. Players like Edelman and Gronk were throwing the ball around and having fun before taking the field.

Edelman thought pitching to Gronk was a good idea. Gronk stood in the batters box with the sixth Lombardi trophy in hand. None of the other Patriots players believed he would swing, there’s no way he would swing the Lombardi trophy like a baseball bat. They were partially right, Gronk decided to lay down a nice bunt. He left a baseball sized dent in the trophy.

Patriots executive vice president of media relations, Stacey James said the Patriots don’t plan on fixing the trophy. It will be Rob Gronkowski’s everlasting gift to the Patriots. He left his mark on the field, in our hearts, and on the Lombardi trophy.


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