And On The Third Day He Has Risen: Rick Pitino and Dan Gilbert Have Talked About Being Next Cavs Head Coach

Defamed ex-Louisville Head Coach Rick Pitino thought all hope was lost when he was subjected to having to be the head coach of a team in Greece after buying all his players a bunch of prostitutes, but that doesn’t faze Dan Gilbert at all. To be honest, Dan Gilbert probably first saw the Louisville scandal and thought “Fuck it, THAT’S MY GUY!”. After having a record of 19-63, Dirty Dan called his boy Quick Trigger Rick, knowing it’s not against the rules to buy strippers for NBA players and had an epiphany that this guy knows locker room morale.

The face of a man crazy enough to bring in Rick Pitino

For real though, Dan Gilbert would be an absolute moron to bring Pitino in. He has a good thing with Sexton, will have a good pick this season, probably bringing in Ja Morant with the possibility of landing Zion if the lottery balls bounce the right way and should bring in a guy who doesn’t have a track record of quitting on professional teams. We know Rick Pitino doesn’t last long in Italian restaurants, and I can’t imagine he’d last very long in Cleveland either.


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