Brooms Out For Jesus, Celtics Sweep Pacers On Easter

Well, not much I can say besides I called it. The Pacers did an absolutely incredible job of reminding everyone why stars are so important and why they deserve big time money. They scratched, they clawed, and the competed at the highest moments with the C’s in this series, but all 4 games came down to one thing: Stars. When it mattered most, the Pacers crumbled and the Celtics rose. Kyrie, Horford, Tatum all reminded the world this Celtics team can not be disrespected even after a mediocre season.

The second unit has been absolutely critical with Rozier, Hayward and Morris leading the way while Jaylen Brown has filled into Marcus Smarts starting position. Especially Gordon Hayward. He looks completely comfortable again. We are finally starting to see what this Celtics team should’ve been at the beginning of the year. Hayward was the best defensive player in this series and his aggressiveness on offense is an absolute delight to see after his 2 years of rehabbing.

Though I would have loved to see Oladipo in this series, not sure if he makes the difference in the series as far as final outcome, he probably gives them 2 wins, but thankfully he ain’t here and the Celtics are the first team to make it to the second round.

Up next we’ll get the Bucks as they’ll also probably sweep, and it’ll be nothing like last year most likely as both rosters are very similar to last season, but also very different. If Hayward keeps it up, C’s in 5.

Kyrie & Haywards Celtics Playoff Record: 4-0.

Enjoy it. Game of Thrones time.


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