It’s Time OKC…

The Thunder lose and are down 3-1 against the Blazers. The Recline.

The Thunder reached the Finals in 2012 with rising stars like Westbrook, Harden, and Durant. Obviously they were too young to beat a dominant Miami Heat. Since then, KD and Harden left to win championships or MVP’s and Westbrook was left all alone.

Westbrook has carried this team every year. Between those years OKC has added key players like Steven Adams, Paul George, Jerami Grant, Dennis Schroeder, etc.. This year in the playoffs they literally have another version of the 2012 OKC team. Westbrook is still Westbrook, Paul George is the “new” Kevin Durant, and Dennis Schroeder is the “new” James Harden. Yeah, it’s a really bad comparison but it has the same idea. This team is trying to build their same Finals team but with other players.

Now they are down 3-1 to a not so tough Portland Trail Blazers. Lillard has been playing awesome, McCollum is doing his part, and Kanter is out hustling Steven Adams. Let me save some time for the Thunder management, you have to rebuild around Westbrook and George again. You can’t build another 2012 similar team and expect to get to the Finals again. You are down against a team who were swept last season against the Pelicans. That’s right, the PELICANS.

You have a triple double machine and a great small forward, but I say you can’t win with Westbrook as a point guard. If you look for a natural point guard that can control the game and in a fastbreak have in his sides both Westbrook and George you can win. If you want to at least win one more game in this series I would start Dennis, Westbrook, PG13, Grant, and Adams. They have the right team to go far in this years playoffs, if they had won this series they would’ve had the easiest road to face either the Warriors or the Rockets. So they have the team, but their gameplan is just trash. This summer they need some fixing for sure, you can’t rely much on PG13 being available for this team every year, you never know when he will ask for a trade. So either you rebuild this team, or you fix your gameplan. Dennis isn’t James Harden and Paul isn’t Kevin Durant.


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