Charles Barkley Doesn’t Care for NBAtv

The Bucks and Pistons are playing their playoff games on NBAtv, unlike the other games that are on ABC or TNT. Barkley said, “That’s where we put the games we don’t care about.” in regards to that game.

Chuck is known for his brutal honesty and bad takes. This one is honest, but this is a good take. Not everyone has NBAtv, so the NBA knows they won’t have many viewers if that game is on national television. The Bucks were the best team in the regular season, and the Pistons barely squeaked into the playoffs. But to make the series even less interesting, Blake Griffin is most likely out for the rest of the playoffs. An 8 seed team without their best player really stands no chance to win a playoff series against arguably the best player in the league in Giannis.

Barkley’s best argument for this take is, “Name me how many times LeBron has played on NBA TV”, which is very true. LeBron would never play a playoff game on NBAtv, he is too popular and brings in too many views. The same thing stands for the Warriors, they won’t be playing any of their games on NBAtv because they are must see basketball. The Blake Griffin-less Pistons are not must see television.


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