Game of Thrones: A Saints Draft Preview

Last year, 17 players who were cut by New Orleans by September, are currently on active rosters. Not practice squads. Active rosters. Including draft picks! That’s how loaded in depth we are, folks. Now, of course we do have some lighter spots. We’re not invincible. Not yet at least. All the experts have been debating, will the Saints trade up? Trade down? Stay at 62? Well, they haven’t traded down since 2007, and this year is maybe the most possible since then, and it’s still not likely. Look to the Saints trading up if they do at all, but not far from 62. And don’t forget, Alvin Kamara was pick #67, and we have Jeff Ireland’s magic. So let’s take a look!

I was hired for my pursed lips ability


So last week I predicted an “unsexy” draft. By that, I mean look to the Saints shoring up depth, not necessarily any flashy players. We need more depth at the O line. Last year by the end of the season, our offensive line was being held together with duct tape. Currently, Michael Ola is our most likely candidate to be our swing on the line. It’s not that I don’t think he’s capable. But he’s unproven in that role through a season. I would love for Loomis and Payton to snag a solid lineman off the board first. Cody Ford out of Oklahoma would be a great fit for the Saints, and he could come in as an immediate rotation guy.

And so I come to you (Sean), with open arms. Hoping you’ll see, what my play means to thee. Open arms.



Marcus Davenport will be amazing next season. Let’s start there. But most edge rushers are like Unobtanium, terrible plot points and overrated. I’ll leave the terrible name choices up for debate. With that said, we have a Clay Matthews looking guy who went to pro day as an edge rusher and linebacker named Chase Winovich out of Michigan. He’s an interesting prospect because he could be an immediate special teams guy and see some starts too.  Even if he worked out as a linebacker, that would be amazing because then we have not one, but TWO Adonises working the middle. Stand your ground Anzolone!

I love creamed corn! (I just like to think that’s what he shouted here)


We should all be fingers crossed that our year two receivers will have major breakouts, but if the Saints draft a receiver in Round 2, chalk it up for nervousness on Sean Payton’s part. Tre’quan Smith has all the tools to be a huge year two breakout, and Keith Kirkwood was an interesting guy at the end of the season. My money is on Tre year two, but IF they grabbed a receiver in the second round, I’d love to see this other Oklahoma man, Marquise Brown. To be clear, I could give exactly one rat ass for Oklahoma, but Payton’s hard on for Ohio State won’t be great enough for Paris Cambell. And so IF they even look to a receiver, look no further than Brown.

No one can see I’m 5’9″!


This is the spot on offense I can see the Saints actually picking in round 2. Too many times Sean Payton has trumped defensive needs and basically said a polite “fuck yourself” to any defensive coach. With the dumbfounding loss of Mark Ingram, and a vote or no confidence in Latavius Murray, this is my wild card for first pick. And let me take this moment to say, I fucking hate agents. They are one step better than lawyers, and one step worse than political analysts. All are better people buried 8 feet in the ground because deep down they’re good people. Zing! Anyway, Sean will be drooling for Josh Jacobs of Alabama. Highly unlikely, unless he falls, but I say go for it Sean and burn 2020 draft stock to the ground! Why not?

You can’t catch the wind!!

The backside of the draft will be interesting to see the picks, but honestly we are so ridiculously stocked that it will look like last year: dropping draft picks, picking up Undrafted, and even more unsexiness than that one second rounder. Maybe they’ll pan out, but maybe they won’t? Let’s trust our war chiefs, and know that next season will be amazing either way! 

I’m going to drop a Game of Thrones edition soon because fuck this offseason and I can. GOT has been increasingly frustrating. *********SPOILERS COMING********* 

Bernioff and Weiss are morons. They seemed brilliant until they got ahead of the books. More to come…
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