Where Should Kevin Durant Go This Offseason?

Durant has won two championships in Golden State since he left OKC. He caught a lot of heat for his decision to join the 73 win team. Snake, cupcake, he got it all, and he still doesn’t get the respect he deserves in the NBA because of the views people have on his decision. He went and he got his rings, and he got two finals MVP’s, now it’s time for him to prove that he can win on his own. He should sign somewhere that doesn’t have an established star. So what should his options be?

Durant will be approached by every team with the cap space to sign him this off season.

Option 1:

The Los Angeles Clippers. Yes, the team the Warriors are most likely going to knock out of the first round. The Clippers have the Los Angles aspect to try and draw Durant to them. They have young pieces like Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Landry Shamet, and Montrezl Harrell, and Ivica Zubac. Durant paired with those two young guards and two young big men could be a solid team. Durant would have to prove he can lead the team. We can see if he learned how to lead in his time with the Warriors.

Option 2:

The Brooklyn Nets. The Nets are on the brink of elimination against the 76ers. But a breakout season from D’angelo Russel and improved seasons for guys like Jarett Allen and Joe Harris. Russell was a very good player this season, but he is not at a superstar level like Durant. You need that type of talent to win in the playoffs. Kenny Atkinson is a great young coach and I think Durant would fit in well with this team.

Option 3:

The New York Knicks. I personally don’t see him signing with the Knicks, but there is too much talk about them to leave them out. The Knicks departed with Porzingis this season. They got Dennis Smith Jr., and Deandre Jordan to headline the deal. Durant would have to wooed by the city and want to play with DSJ. The Knicks drafted Kevin Knox last year, Durant would take a lot of Knox’s minutes. Also, James Dolan is still the owner of the Knicks. That in itself should lead Durant elsewhere.

Option 4:

The Golden State Warriors. Durant might just have to accept that he’s the league villain and resign in Golden State. The Warriors could just run the league until Durant and Curry retire. Durant would definitely get more heat for resigning again, but it depends on how he wants to be viewed by the NBA and their fans.

My favorite ideas are the Clippers or the Nets. Both teams have good young players, and they both have good coaching. Durant would be able to be the best player on the team and be the go-to guy every time down the floor. He could try and win himself another scoring title or an MVP.


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