Bend the N’Keal (Harry), New England Patriots Draft Stud ASU Wide Reciever

Honestly, didn’t watch the draft last night. Had no interest in waiting until the end of the first round just for Wild Bill to trade out of the first round so I made the conscience decision to for go watching and wait for the notification that solidified my decision to not watch. I was wrong, though I still don’t feel THAT bad about not watching. The Patriots shocked Pats Nation and drafted a wide receiver in the first round, K’Neal Harry from Arizona State University.

The NFL should be absolutely terrified that this just happened. Back to back years the Patriots did something they never do, draft skill position players. Last season they took Sony Michel at the end of the first and that turned out to be a fantastic decision and if he didn’t start the season hurt or get hurt in the middle of the season, he would’ve had by far the best rookie running back numbers. Then, in 2019, just when we thought we had him all figured out, Bill Belichick shocks us again by going with a big time wide receiver in N’Keal Harry, who, by his highlight tape, looks a lot like Brandon Marshall mixed with a bit of Odell Beckham Jr. Sign me the fuck up.

The Patriots were supposed to be good next season, but now with the additions of Harry & Sefarian-Jenkins to help out Tommy Boy, there’s no question another Super Bowl is in the works.

Another reason why the rest of the NFL should be terrified is because N’Keal has a super star name. He has a last name for a first name and a first name for a last name. Guys with names like this have only two paths; Greatness or obscurity. I’m gonna go with the ladder on my boy N’Keal. Needed a new jersey for the 2019 season, I got my pick.


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