The Celtics Are Officially Back To Being An Elite Team After Blowing The Bucks Out

Not really much to say here except I told you so. My series preview was pretty much the blueprint to todays game on stopping Giannis and making Middleton carry the load for Milwaukee and the C’s perfected that gameplan.

Giannis wasn’t necessarily bad today, because it’s not like he was missing shots he typically makes, he just wasn’t able to get those shots thanks to Al Horford and Aron Baynes. Horford and Baynes kept that paint clean all day long and they never let Giannis get a full head of steam going to the rack so he was not able to finish around the rim at a good rate.

On the Celtics side, they were able to do whatever they wanted offensively. They got the shots they wanted and contrary to round 1, they were hitting them at a very efficient rate. Kyrie and Brown did whatever they wanted against the Bucks backcourt and it was shocking that they really had no answer whatsoever. Paul Pierce said post-game that the thing that shocked him the most was that Kyrie Irving should’ve been the most highly scouted player for Milwaukee and for him to be able to do whatever he wanted was an absolute joke.

I know the series is far from over, but if Milwaukee doesn’t answer in round 2 I can’t see a situation where they magically figure it out on the road.

Kyrie & Hayward Playoff Record Update: 5-0


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