Thank You Dave Gettleman For Reminding Me How Lucky We Are

Boy, talk about head scratchers. That’s the understatement of the year. If you’re a Giants fan, I am so sorry. I have a Saints sofa if you need to crash.

I…um…I…well…I got nothing.

Mickey Loomis did, well, Mickey Loomis. No picks? This is not a problem. Trade up once? Yeah we all saw that coming. Trade up twice? The balls on this man. But here we are. A new Center in Erik McCoy, not one, but TWO new safeties, a linebacker and tight end. I don’t name the rest because they’ll never see the field on game day.

My god do I hate Florida Gators, but man I love this guy

I’m only kidding to a certain extent. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson probably will be a starter in a few seasons. He’s got “all the metrics” as they say, and he could develop nicely into a starter once Bell, Williams, and P Rob become too much to afford. I feel like Saquon Hampton is a reach, but also “best available player” at the time. Gardner-Johnson will likely be the Patrick Robinson replacement in two seasons or less.

I can’t remember last time I was this excited about a center. Wait I do. Max Unger.

Erik McCoy is a stud. That’s the sexiest thing I can say about an unsexy pick as I’ve said all along. But man, is he gonna be awesome or what? The man embodies EVERYTHING the Saints look for in a player and in his position, he was the best in the draft. Don’t be surprised if he’s the starting center come September.


The Saints were quick to snag a lot of guys with a lot of potential. Carl Granderson (great name) DE out of Wyoming is particularly interesting because of our depth issues on the defensive line. He’s no Davenport, but he could be a stud breakout in year two or three. The Saints also got a long snapper who could be good competition to unseat Zach Wood from his spot. I’m also excited for Darnell Holland RB out of Kennesaw State. He’s got Pierre Thomas written all over him.

Why are y’all talking without Sean present??

The draft is officially over. Now we enter the dead zone of football season. Payton, Loomis, and Ireland have been an amazing combo of draft minds that have yet to fail us, Who Dat Nation. So why question anything now? I don’t know about you, but after the draft, this team looks even sexier.

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