Do the Boston Celtics Scare Giannis?

“I can’t promise you we are going to win, but I can promise we are going to play hard.”

Giannis has been showing out this entire season, putting up MVP numbers, and he will either win the MVP or he will be the runner up. He led his Bucks team to the best record not just in the East, but in the league. He cruised past the Pistons, and now they lose game 1 against the Celtics. Giannis has oozed confidence this season, he is too big and strong for a lot of people to stop him or slow him down.

Giannis got clamped up By Al Horford and the rest of the Celtics. He shot 7-21 from the field, and 3 of those makes were from the three point line. The Celtics will let Giannis shoot threes, it is not his strong suit, and it keeps him from driving to the hoop and either scoring or finding the open man on the perimeter.

If the Celtics can take game 2 in Milwaukee, that would be a huge boost to their hot start this post season. They could come back home with a 2-0 lead, and go for the sweep in Boston. That would be the ideal situation.


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