The Jets drafted Arya Stark, Also Why I’m Worried About GOT


Arya. Oh Arya. I will have all your babies. Why everyone freaked out over your body double nude sex and NOT psychotic feeding Frey sons to their dad before murdering him is baffling. Seriously internet. Get your shit together. And today, the Jets were quick to jump on her as a draft pick. I assume it’s a DB spot lol.

Jon Snow did not get the main stage in Episode 3, love it or hate it. But he and Daenerys did give great air support…eventually. Did they need to send most of the Dothraki men to their death before hoping on their dragons?? So much senseless death. Bye Dothraki!

Not as many peeps died as I was guessing, but did Lady Mormont need to die?!?! Between her and Jorah, Bear Island is not a vacation destination for quite awhile. I shed tears for Lady Mormont , and I’m not afraid to admit it. Tormond, Brienne, Jaime, Gendry, Grey Worm, and so many others apparently survived even though they all looked like they were fucked on death’s door. Maybe there would’ve been more clarity if we could’ve seen anything. I get that it was night, but modern day filmmaking allows us to have “false light” for night shots. I work in film. The lighting was terrible. If they made the argument for mystery and confusion I’d say, oh ok.” But they haven’t. So here we are…So many battles were lost on lack of being able to see them. Shenanigans declaration made.

Not to say that it wasn’t awesome. It was. Totally was. The first two episodes DEFINITELY could’ve been one episode with soooooo much set up and lame exposition. Creepy Bran is Creepy Bran, we get it. I also hate plot points being dropped at the last minute. It’s a sign of shitty writing. Bran revealing in the last episode what the Night King’s endgame is, is, well, annoying. I’ll give more details on writing complaints below. Arya did have a sweet kill on the Night King. I was all for it. Finally, an assassination on the Night King that also could’ve come muuuuuuuch sooner to prevent a lot of these deaths, and who better, but the TRAINED ASSASSIN NAMED ARYA!!! So shut up, haters. Jon Snow has badassness (yeah sure it’s a word) coming, so don’t worry. I’m sticking with my theory that Jaime or Tyrion kills Cersei, especially now that I’ve seen this. The last part of this segment is the death of Ser Jorah. You die as you lived, in the friend zone. I cringe at his life and outcome as a guy. Ladies take a note. Be nicer to your “guy friends”. They probably all want to date you.

And now everything turns to the south. North regroups. Another major battle coming. Next episode will be more obnoxious exposition. And GOT Freddy Mercury and Cersei are being ungrateful dicks about everything. Euron is obnoxious and will die wonderfully by his niece Yara’s hand, especially since Theon went out a hero finally. Good Theon sendoff because I was worried about some love thing starting with Sansa. No thank you, that story line. GOT is becoming a show where the right-ish person has to kill their arc. Like the Hound kill dead-ish, I guess, Mountain guy. This was never supposed to be a show of assumptions. And now we are that very thing. I’m sure there will be surprises. There’s a lot of relationship storylines. We still have Tormond Third Wheel (his full name) alive and cockblocking Brienne and Jaime. We still have Tyrion and Sansa as hookup, which I’m ok with mostly for irony. Not trying to be a perv, but Sansa is like last major character standing that hasn’t gotten naked. Oh and Tyrion!


In episode 6 of Season 7 is where my faith broke in this show. I have to see it through, but they failed horrifically for the first time. Benioff and Weiss are not geniuses. They’re not anything short of decent writers making a buck. Their exposure is now being so ahead of the books. Blame George R. R. Martin for that. His inability to write faster has forced these two knuckleheads to be exposed as they are: mediocre morons. Don’t believe me? Watch ANY Inside the Episode they do, and get angry. Don’t we all want two white men to explain in laymen’s terms what WE JUST WATCHED??? (Insert Barry plug. Great show, and proper inside the episodes). Is this a good spot to remind you, the public, that Benioff and Weiss proposed a show to HBO about an alternative universe where the South won the Civil War?? Great idea millionaire writers. Real finger on the pulse of society. So where did MASSIVE plot holes start? Last season. And since then, there’s been more and more plot hole disappointing breaks since then. I don’t have to start with you Interweb peeps, but that episode last season was sooooo plot forced, I cringed. Dragon needs to die. Convenient chain. Dead don’t swim but chain hauls out dragon. That’s also not necessary since he generally raises arms and dead come. Raven speed in question. Gendry running speed in question. Daenerys response time and dragon flight time in question.

Here we are in the final season and I’m as excited as anyone to finish and see it through. But there’s so much aggravation that happens now that I wasn’t even noticing or caring about until we were so ahead of Martin and the books. Why is Tormond a drinking slob? Why is Daenerys so much of a bitchy character since being in Westoros? Why is Euron so amazing for being an absentee player? Why is Bran so creepy, never wheeling his wheelchair, always awkwardly placed, and GIANT STORY ARC ONLY REVEALED LAST EPISODE?!?!? There’s a lot more I could say, but man, I’ve at least got y’all talking. By the way, the Jets said they drafted Arya.

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