Kyrie Played His Last Game In Boston as a Celtic?

Last night sucked. The Celtics got out to a hot start and then about halfway through the second quarter it was like they all had their talent stripped away from them by the Monstars and phoned it in not being able to buy a shot if they were on sale at JC Penny.

The highlights for the Celtics came way of Marcus Morris and Marcus Smart, in the first half at least. Morris was a beast on the boards and was getting to the line playing extremely physical and like he knew that the Celtics NEEDED the win last night to have a shot at advancing to the ECF. Smart was in his first game of the playoffs after recovering from a strained oblique muscle and his presence was felt right away from typical Marcus Smart hustle plays, but the second half showed he had some getting back into shape to do when he was consistently getting beat off the dribble. Not a good look for the C’s as they were relying on his defense.

Then comes Kyrie Irving, who decided to spout off at he mouth again after shooting another awful FG% amid his awful 3 game slump saying he “should’ve shot 30 times”. No, Kyrie, you shouldn’t have. What you should’ve done was feed Al Horford down low every time you got double teamed rather than shoot these fadeaways over 7-footers that consistently have been falling short. Did we see his last game as a Boston Celtic in the TD Garden? Maybe. But if Kyrie truly wanted to be a leader and get out of LeBron James’ shadow, no matter how this round goes or if they somehow win this series and continue on, he should come back to Boston. He should continue to try and grow what he’s been building, because when that payoff finally does happen for him, it’ll be that much sweeter for him and us.

I honestly do believe, in my heart of hearts, that the Celtics can win this series. I still believe they are more talented. But they are playing as individuals and it’s not going to work against a team that is not only playing together, but rallying around their superstar leader.

Giannis Antetonkounpo was absolutely incredible last night. He should be, he’s the MVP. The 4th quarter he put up against the Celtics after missing most of the 3rd due to foul trouble was so good it almost looked like it went according to plan. He was spinning, juking, and diving to dunks all quarter destroying anyone in his path.

I tip my hat to Giannis. I’m a Giannis fan. I only hate the things he’s saying because it’s against my team but had he said them about other teams I’d revel in it. He’s the man. He’s the new face of the NBA.

Game 5 on Wednesday, Let’s go C’s.


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