Max Kellerman Officially Lost His Mind

Max Kellerman says on First Take that Kawhi is a better clutch player than Kobe. The Recline.

I always enjoy watching some battles between Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman on First Take but today Max really crossed the line. This morning he stated: “…Kawhi Leonard was a better clutch player between him and Kobe Bryant.” When I watched this, while eating breakfast, I almost spit out my food. Then I cracked up with the reactions of Stephen A. Smith and Jay Williams. How insane you have to be to put Kawhi Leonard over Kobe Bryant in clutch moments?

If Kellerman said that Kawhi will end his career being a better player than Kobe, then we might have a debate. Besides his times with the Spurs, winning a championship and Finals MVP, Kawhi Leonard has been carrying the Toronto Baby-Dynamos this year against a tough team like the 76ers. But we’re talking about CLUTCH moments, and just because Kawhi hit some shots with the Raptors in crucial moments of the game doesn’t mean he is better than Kobe.

I don’t know how Kellerman got his stats, but if he is comparing every shot Kobe has made in his career with some shots Kawhi made with the Spurs and two or three with the Raptors, he is off his mind. Not hating on Kawhi or Max, it’s just straight facts that Kawhi right now is not even close to being a better clutch player than Kobe. They are not even on the same page, career-wise. On their roles, Kawhi can be better because of his defense and great field goal percentage, but Max was basing his stats on clutch moments so this is why I find that this guy is nuts. And last, but not least, please Max Kellerman, STAY OFF THE WEEEEED!


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