LeBron James Is The Worst Recruiter Of All Time

Something that has gotten overlooked over his entire career is how bad LeBron James is at recruiting. Ty Lue to the Lakers to be the new head coach was a done deal, signed, sealed, delivered, well, that is if you were on twitter in the last 2 weeks. But, no. Reports have some out that the pending deal between Lue and the Lakers has come to an “impasse”, which is just the most recent diss at LeBron James.

Let’s take it back to Bron’s first stint with the Cavs. Coming out of high school, we all knew LeBron was going to be a franchise talent and that was proven after a remarkable rookie campaign and the great years that followed, however, during that first 7 year stint in Cleveland, the only marquee name LeBron could pull there was a fat, slow, old, and out of shape Shaquille O’Neal and that team did nothing. Then, he gets recruited to Miami by way of D’Wyane Wade, which wasn’t really a hard sell. Bosh had already committed to going there, and it’s anything but Cleveland so that’s also an easy call.

Then LeBron gets to Miami, and with a super team already in place, the Heat were able to snag some aging veterans, but outside of Ray Allen, who walked into a winning situation, there wasn’t really any marquee names running to play there either.

Then LeBron goes back to Cleveland, who already had Kyrie Irving and number 1 pick Andrew Wiggins who was TRADED to Minnesota for Kevin Love and who do the Cavs bring in for that stint? Old Richard Jefferson, Old Dwyane Wade, and that’s about it.

He could get a pass for those three stints if it stopped right there, but then LeBron goes to Los Angeles. The Lakers. The team that apparently every free agent wants to play with and the player that everyone wants to play with in a year where Kevin Durant & Paul George were also free agents and he couldn’t get either of them to come there either. Durant stayed logically stayed on his super team, but you couldn’t pull Paul George away from Oklahoma City?! PAUL GEORGE IS FROM SoCal!!! That should have been the easiest recruiting of all time. And don’t give me the “Well Paul George signed in OKC first” like LeBron didn’t know he was going to LA in January and didn’t talk to George all year about it.

Then comes Space Jam 2 and everyone under the sun besides Evan Turner has turned him down for being in it, probably because they know even with a script that’s already plotted out he most likely would lose to the Monstars.

Now it’s time to get his old coach, Ty Lue back and he can’t even pull that off after getting yet another coach fired. It’s truly remarkable for a guy who has accomplished so much throughout his career and off-court endeavors that no one wants to be around him on a basketball team. Maybe he’ll get his wish and get Kyrie Irving back, who knows, but all I know is if LeBron James was a the only real estate agent and I had the only house for sale in the city, I would sell the house myself because this man is the worst salesman of all time.


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