Seth Curry Puts The Nuggets In A Body Bag By Calling Them “Sassy Dudes”

I don’t think there is an insult more painful than the ones that are so simple yet so brutal like being called “Sassy”.

After an altercation with Will The Thrill, King Curry went on the record of calling the Denver Nuggets sassy.

“That’s real sassy. They got a few sassy dudes over there. Front-runners. And we can’t allow that.”

Seth Curry

If I’m Denver, I have to win the next game by 50. If you let this go on any longer while also getting your ass kicked, you have to fold as an organization. You can’t be known in a league full of assasins as the sassy ones. No one will ever respect you again. Jokic, you want to make a case for being the best big man in the NBA, then you gotta absolutely put Seth Curry on a poster while being en route to a 20-20-20 game. You can’t let your team continue to be disrespected like that.


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