The Lakers Fan Protest Was More Embarrassing Than Not Making The Playoffs The Last 6 Years

For the first time ever I feel bad for LeBron. If I had to go out and play in front of these fans after the sad display of “protesting” that they just put on I’d probably demand a trade back to Cleveland(His odds to be traded back to Cleveland are currently at 10-1).

The echoes of the “Fire Rambis” chants had me thinking that these people were just performing a skit. That there was no way they were serious about their team. Especially after a bunch of Lakers fans chirpped me last night after I tweeted that this protest was the softest move and made them the softest fanbase I expected some fire. I expected something like the Brady 4. I expected something worthy of a 16-time winning franchise. But no, this is what we got:

I have some very good friends that are Lakers fans and they were all about this protest yesterday, but I can’t imagine that they feel the same way today, and if they do feel the same way, they are no longer my friends.

Now if this guy was here, it’d be a completely different story:

Good luck in free agency Laker fans, no one will ever sign with this team after that piss poor performance.


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