All We Want Is A Fair Series…

The Rockets fall short against the Warriors in Game 6. The Recline.

If you remember well, in Game 1 of this series James Harden told the press after losing “All we want is a fair series.” Even though there were some tough calls that weren’t whistled but still, James, you got your fair series. You went against a team without two of their stars, KD and Boogie. You battled in Game 6 against a team that could have been beaten easily with Draymond and Klay struggling all season.

Last night the game started off good because Stephen Curry had 0 pts, and the Warriors were depending on other players like Draymond, Klay, and Iguodala. All they had to do was to maintain Steph for one more half and that’s what they couldn’t do. Curry scored all of his 33 pts in the last half of Game 6, clutch enough? Steph scored his part, but as I said in the last blog “Warriors Are In The Endgame”, Warriors needed a second option for this game in order to win the series.

What’s next for the Rockets? They started this season with the experiment of bringing SF Carmelo Anthony and it didn’t work for them. They have to bring a good small forward to their mix, even though the Warriors won’t have the same team next season, Houston is going to want to improve their roster still. This is their chance of taking it all, improving their roster with some role players and a good small forward. If they handle that this offseason, we might see a new team with the throne next year in the West.


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