Kristaps Porzingis Appears To Have Gotten His Ass Kicked In His Hometown

There is nothing like some Kristaps Prozingis getting in trouble news to kick off your Sunday morning with a bang. It seems like ever since KP got injured he’s done absolutely nothing but get into trouble.

You would think that if you’re a 7 foot, mega famous NBA player who’s under investigation for rape, you’d stay go under the radar, but not ol’ Kristaps. The Mavericks new troubled star was caught on video bloodied up and yelling in Latvian at what appears to be some police officers. We don’t yet know exactly what happened but if the guy that he’s yelling at is the guy who stuck him, I’d really like to know how he reached his face. This literally looks like if Jamie Lannister and Tyrion got into a scrap.

I’m not sure where Dallas goes from here with KP, if they care about this, or if KP can come back from his troubled year in today’s day and age, but if he wants to try, he needs to lay low. Really low, like lower than his life is right now.

Giannis is far and away winning the unicorn race now, which is sad, because I think Kristaps can still be an all time great european player, but unfortunately it may all have come to a screeching halt and for the first time probably ever, the New York Knicks won a trade and did the right thing shipping him out of town.

UPDATE: Sources say that Porzingis was jumped by a group of people who were upset he left New York, not the shrimpy security guard.


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