Lack of Leadership in NBA Players

Another post-season where we don’t see this stars in the NBA Finals. The Recline.

After you watch this video you’re going to notice that this story is an old one, but the idea of this blog is recent. If you are with your friends talking about basketball and they ask you about Russell Westbrook and James Harden, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? If they ask me, I would think MVP trophies and historic numbers. But what is happening to these players that can’t be successful with their teams? And no, it’s not because of the Warriors dynasty.

I have heard many times that players like Westbrook and Harden haven’t won the big trophy because the Warriors are unfair, and they are totally wrong. Warriors have 3 players that you can consider great players like Boogie, KD, and Steph. Rockets have CP3 and Harden, and Thunder has Westbrook and PG13. So the difference is one star player between these three teams, but it is not the reason that players like Westbrook and Harden aren’t successful. The reason is plain and simple, they lack leadership.

If you think that by producing great numbers, a historic season, and winning MVP’s you are being a leader, you are wrong. Those are individual accolades, when this is a team sport. The reason I included this video is because this was the story of both players this season, both were watching their stats and wanted to make history by themselves. Do you know how many iso plays Harden did this year with the Rockets? Yeah don’t count, if you start right now you might have a number by tomorrow. And do you know how many games the Thunder was winning by plenty of points with little time left, and subbed in Westbrook to grab one or two more rebounds to get a TD?

It’s because of these individual acknowledgements that they can’t succeed in this game. Fans, players, and coaches need to understand that with players with this mentality are never going to win. No historic team has won with iso plays or with one player succeeding in their team. Jordan did not succeed alone, neither did Magic or Bird. Neither did Kobe, LeBron or the Spurs. And now we have a generational team going for a three-peat (A HISTORIC TEAM ACCOLADE) this year like the Warriors. They have many talent and still play as a team. And that’s what Harden and Westbrook have to learn in order to win, be a good leader and not a good player.


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