The Red Sox Have FINALLY Crept Back Over .500

The Red Sox started the year terribly. The starting rotation got shelled nearly every game, headlined by Chris Sale starting 0-5. Sale still has the 4.50 ERA to show for his struggles. He pitched well in his last start, earning his first win and recording 14 punchouts. The Sox struggled at the plate early on, MVP Mookie Betts had a tough time starting this season. He has brought his batting average up to .290 and continues to play well.

The Sox are winners in their last four series, and they have started to look the Red Sox who mopped the floor with the rest of the league last season. They have had pleasant surprises from some guys. Mitch Moreland has been crushing the ball lately, he’s leading the team in HR’s with 12. No one else on the team has more than 7.

The young third baseman Rafael Devers is leading the team in hits with 47, and leads the team in batting average, at .326. Devers’ bat is the main reason he is an everyday starter. His glove has struggled in the short time he has been in the majors, but he still has time to improve. It would be tough for him to get worse, he leads the Red Sox in errors with 9 already. The next most is Blake Swihart with 3, and he was traded to the Diamondbacks on April 19th.

The Sox have scored 23 points in their last two games. And they already have 3 runs in the second inning as I write this. If the Red Sox keep up the improvement, they will be competing for another World Series championship. Nathan Eovaldi and David Price are on the IL and when they come back, they could fit right back into the rotation with Chris Sale who seems to have found his groove.


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