Ben Simmons Should Absolutely Be Traded Immediately

I have a weird history with watching relationship of Ben Simmons. On one hand, I’ve seen him play live at all 3 levels. At Monteverde High School, at LSU, and in the NBA. Monteverde was a school that my employer at the time partnered with and I’ve actually crossed paths with Ben on a few occasions, even filming an interview of him for the school itself. I cheered for him then, I cheered for him when I moved to New Orleans in 2016 when he was at LSU, and I’ve done nothing but boo him since (because I hate Philly, not because I hate Ben Simmons).

It’s 2019 NBA. You cannot be an NBA player who can’t shoot, especially when you’re a primary ball handler, but Ben Simmons has somewhat made it work for the time being. And while on occasion in the regular season is perfectly okay to be a lazy defender, in the playoffs you 100% cannot just walk away from the guy you’re guarding with the clock about to hit 0 and that guy is Kawhi Leonard in Toronto in Game 7 of the playoffs. You absolutely cannot do that.

Joel Embiid says he “Doesn’t give a fuck about the process” and that’s probably because Ben Simmons was seen as the last piece of the process when things didn’t work out with Markelle Fultz. Embiid doesn’t want to play with Ben Simmons, or Jimmy Butler, maybe Tobias Harris. But he wants to play with super stars, and not wanna be superstars, and he deserves it. Joel Embiid is an absolute freak of nature stud who’s surrounded by a guy who can’t shoot, a coach who couldn’t handle the right situation if it bit him on the ass, and a temperamental prima donna who has magically found a way to have no friends in a league that is full of buddy-buddies.

If the Sixers want any shot at keeping Joel Embiid from going to, I don’t know, Milwaukee when he becomes a free agent, they absolutely have to trade Ben Simmons and they absolutely need to make sure they get something really, really good back or all this rebuilding was for absolutely nothing.


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