Knicks Won the Lottery Last Night

Frustration is the correct word for us Knicks fans. Last night the New York Knicks had a 14% chance of winning the Zion Lottery…we ended up third. Damn, I was so excited we got a better pick than the Lakers, but we ended up third? Against teams like the Grizzlies and the Pelicans? Wow. Honestly, I told myself the NBA was rigged last night many times, but then I started thinking.

How are my New York Knicks in bad shape? We ended up top three in a new style of lottery where tanking is not the key to getting that first pick. We got a better pick than the Lakers, not trash talking to LA fans because, out of this draft, they were the luckiest besides NOLA and Memphis with just a 2% chance getting that 4th pick. But we still got a better pick. We might get either RJ Barrett or Ja Morant which both dominated in NCAA. So why are we so upset? Yeah we don’t get Zion but we can get something good out of this.

If we think straight, both RJ and Ja were great NCAA players and might be too in the NBA. That’s something we don’t know for sure. The Knicks are dealing with something different this summer, we are not in the process of developing rookies like last season with Knox, Robinson, and Trier. The Knicks have to act fast, and it’s not because we want to start winning. It’s because this free agency we are dealing with a lot of big names, a lot of theories but possible ones. If KD and Kyrie do come, they won’t want a roster full of youngsters. Kyrie already tried that in Boston and it didn’t work and KD is already used to winning.

If I were the Knicks management, I know the Lakers are going to pursue AD with that fourth pick and some players. I would do the same, I would convince David Griffin that he can have Duke-duo, RJ and Zion, in the NBA next season. They will ask for other players, primarily at the point guard, small forward or the center spot, which the Knicks have at this moment. But something the Knicks have, that the Lakers don’t, are more draft picks. After the Porzingis trade, the Knicks acquired two future round picks from Dallas and they could use them in this trade, instead of using other players. And picks is something we won’t be needing if we get these free agents. An offer I think is acceptable for AD should be:

Knicks recieve: AD

Pelicans receive: Knox, 3rd pick 2019 draft, 2021 and 2023 pick from Dallas, and Mitchell Robinson.


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