The Draft Lottery was WILD Last Night

The NBA proved again that they are the most interesting league. From the playoffs, and then even the draft lottery. It was a wild scene yesterday, the Knicks were the only team with a 14% chance at the #1 pick to fall in the top 3. The Cavs and the Suns fell to the 5 and 6 picks.

The New Orleans Pelicans landed the first overall pick for the first time since they drafted Anthony Davis. With Davis wanting a trade, the Pelicans get a fresh start to try and rebuild again. They can take Zion and get assets from trading Davis, that should give them a clean slate. If Anthony Davis decides that the he will stay with the Pelicans now that they have the first pick, that would shake up the league. Zion and Anthony Davis could be a dangerous duo.

The Memphis Grizzlies lucked out and got the #2 overall pick in the draft. They drafted Jaren Jackson Jr. last year, and they have Mike Conley still. It now depends on if Conley is still in their plans for the future or not. If they plan on trading Conley they should draft Morant as their replacement point guard. But if Conley is still running the point next season, they would be better off taking RJ Barrett as an off ball scorer.

The Knicks got the #3 overall pick, Knicks fans have been salivating over Zion all season and now they most likely will not get him. They will most likely settle for either Morant or Barrett depending on who the Grizzlies pick. Zion, Morant, and Barrett should be the top 3 picks, the order will depend on team need.

The Lakers jumped to the 4th pick in the draft. They can use the pick, or make it a trade asset in trying to acquire AD via trade. If they decide to draft, they could take Cam Reddish or Darius Garland. The Lakers need to put shooters around LeBron, and they already have Lonzo who struggles shooting the ball. Getting someone who can hit threes would fit well next to LeBron.

The Cavs fell to the 5th pick, Zion will not be LeBron 2.0. The Cavs should look to add either Cam Reddish or Jarrett Culver, whoever is left at the time. They took Collin Sexton last year. I don’t know if I see the direction they’re going in. If there was a good big man projected to fall to number 5 I would say the Cavs should pick him. But this class lacks a solid big man early.

The Suns, the Bulls and the Hawks all go screwed in the lottery. The Hawks were hoping for a top pick but ended up with the number 8 and 10 picks. Two top ten picks are good, but not when you had a chance to be in the top 3. The Suns and Bulls also thought they had a chance for Zion, they ended up with the 6 and 7 picks. The Suns would have been in a good situation if thy could have taken Morant in the top two, Morant, Booker, and Ayton could be a big three in the future. The Bulls were looking for their next Jordan, they though they had that in Derrick Rose, but injuries derailed that. And now the lottery derailed their chances again. The Bulls will most likely be looking for a top pick again next year now that they didn’t get the pick they wanted.


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