It Looks Like Ja Morant To The Knicks Is All But Squashed With The Grizzlies In Awe Of Him

The Grizzlies are said to be “all in” on Murray State Guard Ja Morant, provided the Pelicans don’t do anything stupid and not take Zion Williamson. This leaves the Knicks without one of the two monster names coming out of the draft unless they’re able to pull off an unlikely trade.

Ja Morant would be the perfect guy to replace Mike Conley for Memphis and I’m happy that franchise is going to seemingly make the right decision rather than reach for someone.

And as for the Knicks, I don’t want to hear any bitching and moaning until free agency from these fans. You’re all in place to get Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, be happy with RJ Barrett and keep quiet.


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