RUMOR: Gayle Benson and David Griffin Have Been Advised To Send Anthony Davis Anywhere But The Lakers

Sources really aren’t our thing here, but we have one, and they’ve been pretty spot on with what they’ve told me so it’s only fair that I throw this rumor out here for all the Lakers fans to freak out about.

My source told me that Gayle Benson and David Griffin have been advised by all the other decision makers in the front office to feel free to send Anthony Davis anywhere besides Los Angeles, specifically the Lakers. They feel like they were heading in the right decision with the organization and while AD was fully in his right to want to play elsewhere for personal reasons, that the way he and Rich Paul handled the trade deadline they will not send him to his preferred destination in LA.

It looks and sounds like AD will have to find his way there next offseason when he’s an unrestricted free agent if the team that does land him doesn’t woo him into staying there. Teams that will be actively trying to acquire Davis are expected to be Boston, New York, and LA, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Houston & Philly try to get in that mix as well.

Sad day for Lakers fans, you hate to see it.


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