The Pelicans and Rockets Should Explore a Anthony Davis-CP3 Trade

The trade machine obviously doesn’t factor in Zion eventually being drafted by New Orleans

It probably won’t happen for a myriad of reasons, but if we pretend that Chris Paul was open to the idea of returning to New Orleans, then the Pelicans and Rockets should open up talks about swapping their superstars.

All of the Rockets woes could be fixed by acquiring Davis. They need a big man who can run a pick and roll with their ball dominant guard, and the guard the Rockets would be smart to put their eggs in the James Harden basket. Clint Capela has shown he’s pretty much useless in that game and the Rockets do not flow well, or as well as they could, with Paul and Harden on the floor together.

Obviously, on the Pelicans side, they could move Jrue Holiday to the 2 where he’s more comfortable, and have CP3 work with Zion in a free flowing offense. This trade should open up both teams offensively even though both had 2 of the best offenses already. The Pelicans would also have to swallow CP3’s massive contract for the next 3 years which isn’t ideal, but David Griffin is an excellent GM who could find good talent to work around it.

Like I said, this is very unlikely, mostly because of money and CP3’s lack of desire to play in New Orleans, but because of actual fit, these players fill these teams’ needs for the near future.


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