Steph Curry’s Superpowers Are Too Much For The Blazers, Warriors Take 2-0 Lead

Last night the Warriors dialed it back to 2015. The Blazers got out to a 17-point lead and it blundered, quickly, mostly because of the first unanimous MVP in NBA history, Sir Wardell Curry II.

This was to no fault of Portland stars Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, either. They showed up, unlike in game 1. Seth Curry was very good as was Rodney Hood as formidable scoring options outside the 2 star guards, but the problem is, they were playing against a free-flowing Warriors squad that took it back to the days of passing like goddamned magicians.

Halftime came around and Portland had a 15-point lead, was playing very solid defense, and shooting the ball efficiently. The only problem is it seemed like they didn’t account for the fact that Golden State was in their locker room making adjustments on how to blow the roof off of Oracle Arena.

Steph lit it up for 37-8-8 last night to bring Golden State all the way back for the win and a 2-0 lead heading back into Portland. Kevin Durant is to be out for at least games 3 & 4, but if they keep up this style of play they won’t need him. It’s almost as if it’d be better for Durant to sit this series out to get fully recovered unless the Blazers somehow tie it up.

Dub Nation is very much in play for a sweep without their best player and it’s probably because they’re better without him.


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