The Bruins Sweep To Go To The Stanley Cup Final Making It 18 Times A Boston Team Has Made The Finals In 17 Years #Titletown

You hate to see it. Another Boston team making a finals. This marks the 18th time a Boston team has been in it’s respective sports final in 17 years after the Bruins swept the Carolina Hurricanes with a 4-0 victory in Carolina last night.

Going back to 2002, the Patriots have made 9 Super Bowls, winning 6 of them.
The Red Sox have made 4 World Series’ sweeping all 4.
The Celtics Have Made 2 NBA Finals, winning 1.
And the Bruins are on their way to their 3rd Stanley Cup winning 1 already.

Mind you, 3 of those have come in just this calendar year. If the Celtics could’ve found some type of cohesiveness it could have been the first time ever that a city who hosts the major four Americian sports swept the championship series.

It is absolutely ridiculous the run that the city of Boston is on and we will probably never see anything like it again. If you’re a Boston fan, you’re lucky, spoiled, and proud. Don’t let this era pass you by without appreciating every second of it. This doesn’t happen. This never happens. This city is the mecca for American sports and you should count your blessings until it’s over.

If you’re anything but a Boston fan, I’m sorry.


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